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23 April 2007 @ 06:49 am
Oops and Reference Library Update  
Oops is a thread I started at WASIF a long while back in which we post, okay it's mostly been me but others have contributed, factual errors we find in fiction.

Why bother?

Because maybe someone will read it and avoid making the same mistake, or else be made more aware of the importance of research. One glaring error can completely destroy suspension of disbelief and ruin an otherwise great story for a reader. Every single professional writer I've heard speak on the subject has been firm that it is important to do your research and if you have to bend the truth to fit your story then at least you know what you are doing, and why, and can either do it in a subtle way, or warn your readers going in.

Anyway, I'm going to start crossposting these and will add them to the reference library because I think that this will fit in.

In other library news, iniondia has offered to write up some entries to be included. I'm looking forward to seeing what resources she has gathered being more of an information pack rat than I am. Since I can't cross reference to her journal she's going to post to WASIF and I'm going to copy/paste the entries into posts here so they can be cataloged. Her life is pretty hectic right now so no idea when the "guest posts" will start.