ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

10 Things Meme

I got tagged by forthrightly

The rules are as follows: You start off with writing down ten weird things/habits/little known things about yourself. People who get tagged have to then write ten weird things/habits/little known facts about themselves in their own blog or LJ. At the end, you pick ten people off your flist and tag them so as to continue the game. No tagbacks, and the rules must be stated clearly in your post.

Ten Little-known facts about Ranuel:

1.  I once lived next door to a cow pasture. Now it's being covered in McMansions. I liked the cows better.

2. The love of my life was a chihuahua mix named Socks.

3. I'm mildly dyslexic but it gets much worse when I'm really tired or a migraine is coming on.

4. I HATE celery. Celery is the anti-Christ.

5. I used to be a really good ventriloquist but I haven't done it in over 20 years.

6. I went through a magic phase when I was a kid but didn't have the fine motor control to be very good at it.

7. I did learn the trick to untying yourself and once on a dare during a rehearsal for Sound of Music let someone tie me to a coat rack and proved I could get loose before my cue to go on.

8. I went to the school that Ted Bundy kidnapped Kim Leech from and was there the day it happened.

9. I lived in the area of Gainesville where Danny Rolling, "The Gainesville Ripper",  murdered 5 people in three separate incidents over the course of a weekend. From the location of the crimes he most likely walked through the wooded area right behind my place at least once.

10. I have won money playing darts.

Yeah, I forgot to tag people. I won't do 10 but here are my victims.

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