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No reviews or other fun stuff, just what's going on with me. I'll be nice and put the rest under a cut. 

Housing: I went to the local RV dealer, who was highly recommended by a co-worker, and looked at what he had in my price range. Which turned out to be only 2 travel trailers. After looking at them I'm more sure than ever that this is a good idea. One had a great kitchen, better in some ways than my kitchen in my old place. No dishwasher though, apparently they don't make them for travel trailers. I guess water consumption is an issue if you are really camping. I still have my little table top one in storage though so that's okay. The layout of the sitting area was bad on that one so I passed. 

The second one had a much better sitting area and I liked the bedroom but the kitchen was badly laid out. The sales guy said they have a high turnover rate so I'm going back this weekend to see what they have. 

Work: We had a visit from the S.W.A.T team and it was sorta fun. They were looking for a site to run a day long armed intruder with hostages drill and the big boss volunteered us. Lots of gloating by management that we are the only hospital in the area to have done something like this. They roped off a good chunk of the area around the loading dock and blocked off the corridor leading to the interior area they used but you could see some stuff from the big window by the nurses station. Four people got picked as witnesses and were shown a video they taped last week of the guy taking hostages. They then were interviewed by various guys as to what they saw. The rest of it mostly involved the cops and a few of our security guys working on things like negotiating, getting people out safely, etc. 

They had the coolest robot. At one point I hear it delivered a round thing labeled "Pizza" to the back door. I missed that darn it! I got to see it scuttle around a bit but nothing that cool. I wish I had the mechanical skills to build one. It looks like you could take a riding lawn mower and do it. 

At one point there were six women plastered to the window discussing the buns of this one really sexy S.W.A.T. dude and his potential availablity. 

: After my latest blood work came in the doctor had me come back in apparently just to yell at me. I think he thinks I'm missing my thyroid pills more than I am. I miss about one a week most weeks and I've been within normal range with that before but my numbers were really bad.  Sorry Mandy I forgot what it was already, He wants me to come back in two months for another round of blood work before changing my meds. He said that I should be feeling really bad with numbers like that and I'm thinking, dude, I've been telling you I feel lousy for months now. 

The virus thing is still hanging on. Yesterday I bent down to put something in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet and when I stood up the room lurched. I couldn't walk from my office to the mail room without getting short of breath so I grabbed a handy pulse ox and I was down but only to 97. I hit the inhaler but that didn't help a lot. 

Other stuff: Got into a bit of a fight with a certain gaming buddy last night. He is upset with me for not having run a game for six months other than a few IM sessions. I was upset that he seems to not be able to comprehend the whole I've been sick off and on for more than six months and I have things I need to do with the energy I have that are higher priority. Like getting out of this moldy rotten mobile home before I fall through the floor. Again. I was lucky the first time I only got a few bruises and scratches. Or finishing putting the water proofing stuff on the inside of the new shed so I can  move my stuff out of $100/month storage. Or really, most weekends, just getting the laundry processed so I can drag my butt to work and pay for my luxurious lifestyle. Mean while this week he has a planed trip to Orlando to go to Epcot and Universal and just bought a big screen TV. I think he can entertain himself for bit without my help. 

I really like writing the game scenarios and running them but a 40 year old man should have his priorities straight enough to get that real life stuff has to come first and there is only so much I can do. 

Then there is the Christmas season which is kicking my butt emotionally this year. I did not start sobbing at Grandma Got Run Over by a Raindeer this year so I guess I'm better than last year. I'd like to ignore the whole thing if I could. I still don't have most of the people on my list's Christmas gifts though so I need to drag myself out to shop this weekend. I need to go put flowers on the graves but I just can't make myself go over there.
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