ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

This is the end

I heard Morrison singing when I typed the title.

I officially joined LJ August 21st, 2005. I liked it enough that I shelled out $150 in June 2007 when they had one of their occasional cash flow issues and offered permanent accounts in exchange for what amounted to about 5 or 6 years worth of subcription dues in one go. I haven't posted here regularly for a few years but I did get my money's worth.

I had been marginally involved with Fandom for a couple of decades but Live Journal brought that involvment to an intense new level. I became really involved with the Inuyasha fandom here for a number of years. I made some great friends there.

I haven't really had the spoons to put the effort into long posts for a while now. Twitter made it so easy to throw out a short comment and Tumblr was so much easier to make posts on when I felt like being original. I'd just recently bookmarked instructions on how to set up something to mirror Tumblr posts to LJ though and I was planning on sitting down and figuring it out sometime soon so there would have been some posts here again.

Doesn't matter now.

I cannot support this site under the new TOS. Bigotry and repression have no place as official policy for a social media site. Remaining here wouldn't necessarily mean agreeing with TPTB but it would mean being comfortable at a site that does not welcome people I love.

I've requested that my posts here be imported to Dreamwidth There's a long queue of other people who are doing the same thing and I don't know where I am in that queue so I don't have an ETA for when that will be done. Once it is I'll come back and edit this post to announce that. A couple of weeks after that, once I've done a little housekeeping, I'll be deleting my account here.

11 years
603 posts
4461 comments made
1983 comments recieved.
A whole lot of love and support recieved.

It's sad it had to end this way but wow didn't we have fun while it lasted! Hope to see you at Dreamwidth or Tumblr.


ETA: The transfer is now complete. I'll likely be deleting this journal the weekend of May 13th.

Tags: posting about posting

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