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Review: Blood Rites

Blood Rites
Blood Rites
By Jim Butcher
Dresden #6

I really liked this one. It continues the improvement I saw in the previous novel and he's really working on making the supporting cast into three dimensional people instead of plot devices.Loved the stuff with Murphy's family and the reveal with Thomas was well done.

Mouse is a great addition to the cast and I'm glad Mister didn't eat him or something. The last line about the dog food cracked me up. I was already pretty sure that he was at last part Tibetan Mastiff.

The flying flaming poop flinging monkey demons were genius. It's probably a good thing for my players that I'm not running an RPG anymore or things could get messy for them.

I think that my aggressive search for spoilers before reading the previous book made several scenes in this one much better than they would have played if I had been ignorant of the subtext. The scene with Thomas at the beginning when he's trying to get Harry to take the job and the scene with Ebenezer after the raid in particular work much better when you know what's really going on. Opening things up from Harry's POV so information he doesn't have could be shared with the reader would have made it work better for people who don't go looking for spoilers.

This was the first one in a while that didn't have anything that felt like a chore to get through.
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