ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

On Posting to Tumblr

Tumblr fixed something so that the stupid hovering popup box that opens now instead of a new window is scrollable with Firefox so I can actually get to all the important bits. Or maybe Firefox fixed something so that it would work better with sites who are using those stupid hovering popup boxes? I don't care. Either way I can post there now. The interface is still much, much less user friendly than it was before they "updated" but it's usable again. So far the only new stuff has been links back to here but that will change.

More importantly this week I learned the keyboard shortcuts that let you reblog immediately or add things to your queue without going through the hover box o'stupid so I am pretty much getting back into being an active user.
Tags: "site update" has come to mean fubar, posting about posting, tumblr
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