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Did everyone survive Spring Break as gets it? Here's a few things to help get through next week even if you didn't get a holiday.

Breadcrumbs by Irnan
Betty Ross is worried about what has happened to Bruce Banner and follows clues that lead her to Stark Tower.
Brilliant feisty Betty is just what I needed after recently dealing with her horrifically nasty counterpart in Ultimates.

Also by Irnan. Bruce is the POV character for a glimpse at the Avengers 2 years post movie.

Interesting Landings Series by Irnan
Often funny, often touching, Avengers Movie!verse AU in which Winter Soldier is rescued and everyone deals with what follows.

Sample from later in the series:
"Kids," says Phil, because he's been dragged out of bed at quarter to five in the morning and made to watch while a Russian super–spy assassin was injected with elephant tranquilizer and Tony Stark had the nosebleed of the ages – he hopes, feeling gloomily vicious, that it's broken – and Clint's ribs were bandaged and Thor dropped Mjölnir on Alexei's chest in place of, you know, actual restraints, "let's not. If you make me sit through one of your giant Avenger snark–sessions that represent some messed–up code for expressing open affection written by and for emotionally constipated super–heroes I will shoot the coffee machine and bask in your screams."

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
Cumberbatch and Freeman done up as Victorian detectives.
H/T Diane Duane

That time Loki and Thor crossdressed

It’s good to have friends
Get your full RDA of cuteness in one post..
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