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LJ WAS screwed up yesterday and I couldn't post much beyond a link. When I tried to edit to put in a missing word I couldn't even do that but now it's working again so I'm editing this to include the full post.

I was home sick most of the week so I have a lot of good stuff.

Red Queen to Overwatch
Q/Bond AU fusion with Sherlock
Q is the youngest Holmes brother instead of MI6’s head tech genius. Life gets interesting when James Bond moves next door.

Q works REALLY well as a Holmes to the point where it’s going to be hard to dislodge that as my headcanon. Surprisingly this isn’t one of the crossovers where Mycroft is M and that allows a lot of interesting complications.

Clint and Natasha ruin Christmas

And after you’ve read that look at this:
Link shortened to avoid spoilers

The Best of Life and Asgard
Tony Stark promises to stay sober when the team is invited to a banquet in Asgard but nobody else does. Includes the best slumber party EVER.

Catch Your Voice
For years Clint has known Coulson only as the voice in his ear during missions but he’s still managed to develop a crush on the hypercompetent man who keeps him safe. Then comes the events of the movies and Clint finally gets to work with Coulson in person only to lose him.

Kissing Under the Mistletoe
Clint agrees to pretend to be Coulson’s boyfriend on a Christmas visit to his family. It’s been done before but this is a really good take on it.

Avengers Undercovers
Total and absolute crack. Loki has some hilariously disturbing revelations for the Avengers.

What if...Frigga had been in charge while Odin Slept?

Amateur Theatrics
Loki gets turned into a child and if that’s not enough to deal with Tony’s a woman and Natasha and Bruce have switched bodies. Throwing so many fanfic tropes into one somewhat serious story shouldn’t work so well but it does.

Darkness, Flooded in Light
So very excellent. When Loki falls from the Bifrost at the end of Thor he lands in a small town somewhere in America and while his body heals he finds healing of the soul as well.

Reaching for Light
A bit of the previous story from another POV.

Let us take a moment to appreciate Hawkeye

Sherlock/RED fusion fic. Mrs. Hudson has a more interesting past than the boys suspect.

Broadway Bares
VERY NSFW beefcake interpretations of classic fairy tales.

Best Disney Cosplay

The Blog of Dr. John H. Watson
Official tie-in with the Sherlock series
Towards the end of the blog a couple of videos are embedded which are region locked by the BBC. Fortunately they can also be found on Youtube:

Hacked Blog Entry:

News report in last post:

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