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Happy Weekend!

Good Omens fanart:

What if Rob Liefeld did Sailor Moon?

Snakes with hats
Well, one anyway.

Issen4 recommended these first two James Bond fics that were both so good I had to read them in a single go even though they're novel length. I really need to get around to seeing Skyfall at some point.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by feelslikefire
Q has a past that's about to catch up with him. Good thing he has friends now who kick major ass. Moneypenny gets to be awesome too.

Vita Mortis
WARNING: Non-graphically described rape and VERY graphic and realistic depiction of torture.
This is really too complex to give a synopsis that covers everything without massive spoilers. I had to finish reading it so I was up ‘til after 3am is probably the highest recommendation I can give. I haven’t seen Skyfall yet and I followed it easily. We see Q and Bond develop a relationship as they go through life and death situations together. There are some nice bits of comic relief and copious amounts of hurt/comfort.

Q from Skyfall meets Tony Stark
And is adorably badass

And while we're in the Marvelverse:

Ironman without VFX

Dynasty by Galaxysoup
Coulson’s grandparents are amazing men who raise him to be the agent he is.

Cookie Thursday at SHIELD

I need to correct a massive oversight and recommend EVERY WORD that Scifigirl47 writes. Feni and I have been fangirling her for months now. You can find most of her work at AO3

But she posts some things to Tumblr only and she almost always posts there first in bits and pieces before she posts completed chapters at AO3, Plus she posts a lot of fun things like the Cookie Thursday cartoon.

Start with either the Toasterverse stories or the Tales of the Bots series and read them through before going back to read the other series. There are some core differences between the two but they also have a lot of similarities and it'll save on trying to remember what goes in what verse.
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