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Twas the night before the night before Christmas

And I have to go into work way early tomorrow to get payroll edits done by 9am instead of the usual 12pm because the guys in the Payroll department want to be able to have Christmas off. How dare they?!?

I have a ton of housework I needed to do today plus one final shopping run and I mostly didn't do it so I have more links. I did fold up most of the clean laundry that's been living at the foot of my bed and I did do the final run so that's something.

It’s time for Highlander Holiday Shortcuts! One of those things where people put in requests that get filled by someone using an alias and then there’s a big reveal later. I’ve actually never taken the time to figure out exactly how these things work. I just enjoy the fics and bookmark the ones I want to reread. By the time I come back to them the author’s real pen name is on it and I’ve found some good new authors to follow that way.

Live Steel
This one has Methos waking up in a strange encampment with no memory of what’s going on and Connor acting like this is just another day. The reveal of what’s happening is gradual and I enjoyed the setting a lot.

Unready Reserves
Highlander/Avengers crossover. Joe and Methos are in New York when Loki attacks. Methos and Coulson working together, even briefly, makes this mandatory reading.

A Routine Operations
Another Highlander/Avengers cross. It’s a given Coulson will come back from the “dead” but what if the reason were that he was an Immortal?


Three years ago Muskrat John ran this series of Dork Tower strips about the Mayan Apocalypse and they’re still funny.

Pt 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3


Enterprise NCC-1701 Christmas display

Please accept one or more of the following wishes:
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah! (Belated)
Happy Solstice!
Io Saturnalia!
Happy Festivus!
Merry Yule!
Happy Kwanzaa!
Tags: avengers, dork tower, fanfic recs, highlander, star trek
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