ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Um, no

Not going to happen.

No, if you don't tell the new hire that she's supposed to be recording how many hours each shift she's doing training in the time edit book and you don't give me the job code for her training rate then it's not my fault that we're going to have to turn in adjustment paperwork to recover the amount she was overpaid even if you did mention in an email about another issue she was having that she was doing "computer training" on one particular day about a month ago. Implying that it is in an email copied to the other supervisors will not do anything to improve my performance in this area.

No, I couldn't stay home Thursday even though I was still sick (was out half of Tuesday and all of Wednesday) because it's the end of the financial year and I have reports that are due to corporate or it costs us money. And yes, I'm foolish to think that coming in to work on Saturday too in order to not fall to far behind before the next big deadline Monday week will be appreciated by anyone.

No, I don't have any links to fun stuff for you guys this week. It's been a week.

But, the good news is they did a temporary fix to the road that was washed out so I'm not having to take a detour anymore. it's like going over a speed bump but it's passable.

And, to make up for no links, and possibly because I was in a mood, I took note of some of the mistakes I've seen in fanfiction this week that could have been avoided with a few minutes with Google and Wiki. It's the 21st century, you no longer have any excuse not to do your research.

The Fic: A young man who works for the parents of one of the main characters is suddenly struck blind. They take him to the ER where after he's seen by a doctor they are all made to sit in the waiting room for hours waiting for the results of whatever unnamed tests were done. Then the doctor comes out, lies to the patient about his prognosis, and gives a report to the unrelated teenagers who brought him in. He then asks an orderly to take the man home in a taxi. The man lives alone and the orderly leaves him at the door.

Reality: Suddenly losing your sight is serious. It can be caused by any one of several severe neurological issues, many of which can be fatal if left untreated. This person would have been hooked up to every monitor they had and admitted for extensive tests.

In the US giving medical information to anyone without the patient's consent is against the law and carries big penalties. Lying to a patient about his condition can get you sued and your medical license revoked anywhere but Arizona. This story does not take place in the US though so the doctor may have been able to get away with that. What he probably would be sued for would be dumping this poor guy out at his empty apartment with no assistance. Even if they weren't going to keep him in the hospital transferring him to some sort of rehab or skilled nursing facility would have been the proper choice if none of his friends could stay with him. No, I don't care that he had to be home alone in order to be threatened by the Big Bad.

The Fic: A curse turns a male character female. This opens up the opportunity for him to marry his male lover only he isn't human and has no legal identity. That's okay! His lover's stepfather, the owner of a small business, has "contacts" and is able to get all the paperwork in a couple of weeks to give him a legal identity as a 19-year-old human. The wedding proceeds with the now female character even forced to wear a wedding dress for the big day.

Reality: Establishing legal identity is no picnic. Right now there is a pending lawsuit to overturn new voter registration laws requiring things like birth certificates because elderly people who were born in this country and have been voting their entire adult lives are being refused the right to vote because they were born at home years ago and their births were never officially registered anywhere. Proponents of the law say that it should be a simple matter to get the needed paperwork but the realty is that even though they have lawyers from various civil rights groups helping them a lot of these people have spent MONTHS jumping through bureaucratic hoops without getting any closer to the needed documentation and with little hope of resolving things before the upcoming presidential election.

Then, assuming that they got things squared away there is the additional unaddressed issue that this story takes place in Japan where you have to be 20 in order to marry without the consent of a guardian.

So, it's a good thing that they couldn't have really pulled off that lovely wedding in a  month's time.  After all, this particular character is known for being more than a bit bloodthirsty and he really would have to kill somebody if they stuffed him into a wedding dress, changed sex or not.

The Fic: Two characters in the course of the story end up pregnant and give birth at different times. One of the canon characters is a healer and she volunteers to deliver the babies. In each instance the newborn is immediately wrapped in a blanket and handed to the mother while the healer lets in the gathered friends and family to meet the baby.

Reality: Babies are a mess when they're born. When Robin Williams said they all look like little old men dipped in 40 weight oil he was actually understating the case. After cutting the umbilical cord (which never happens in this story) the nurse usually gives the baby at least a quick wipe down to get off the worst of the goo before handing him off. There's time for this since once the baby is born the mother STILL has to squeeze out the placenta and other nasty stuff which takes a few minutes. Having been present for a human birth I can say that I was too absorbed in my god son to pay much attention to his mother at this stage so if you're recording the reactions of people in the room to the baby it's probably okay to leave out the afterbirth stuff but there is no way mother and child will be ready for half a dozen of the parent's friends to troop in to admire them just a few minutes after the birth.

Tags: fanfic, oops, rant, real life
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