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To Be Modified as Necessary by Ignipes
The Avengers set up some house rules. Funny and touching by turns. Thanks to Lazulisong for the rec.

Fix It: A Story of Some Coulson, Some Doughnuts, and Some Fixing
by Erebusodora and Guildensterrrn
Short doujin of Coulson awesomeness. Great art and giggles.

Trickster by Sam Storyteller
EVEN MORE Coulson awesomeness. The Master of the Hounds and the Fox square off.

Film Studies by Sam Storyteller
Captain America made a few movies before he was frozen and has inspired a few since then. We see a series of vignettes in which Steve and the other Avengers watch and discuss a selection of them as Steve adjusts to the modern world. Especially porn:

"They made a sex movie about us!" Steve blurted. "And I know you all saw it and I did too and I don't know what to do about it."

Everyone froze for a second.

"I cannot believe you did that," Clint said, turning to Coulson. "I cannot believe you gave porn to Captain America."

"He asked," Coulson said, shrugging.

"You asked Coulson for porn?" Tony said, outraged. "When you live in the same building as me?"

Majority Rule by Xparrot
Well, why ARE Loki and Thor the way they are?


Holmes vs. Harkness by Coinin
OMG Y'all! Mycroft calls Jack in for a performance review. There is innuendo, BAMF Watson, and a copy of the Guide.

Other Stuff
WAY too much cute

“That pose offends me both as a woman and someone who knows how spines work”
Comic on the stupid poses comic book artists use for women. (Rec'd by Muskrat John)

Cabinet of Wonders: Beautiful Flotsam
By Heather McDougal
In a post about the art of Nader Hasan the blogger explains the real world concept of Mana, something I'd only ever seen before in a gaming context. She also puts into words a feeling I still have about the power of certain objects.

Myth Adventures
Robert Asprin's Another Fine Myth adapted in comic form by Phil Foglio.

This was originally published by WaRP more year ago than I want to remember and I own the whole run of the original comic but they're in boxes somewhere and it was really great to be able to re-read them like this.

The story pokes some fun at fantasy tropes and follows the adventures of Skeeve, an apprentice magician, who begins the book as the apprentice to Master Garkin but Garkin is assassinated and he has to hit the road with Garkin's old friend Aahz, a demon from Perv, to stop the man responsible from conquering the world.

Inspired by the Hope and Crosby Road movies they con their way in and out of trouble and pick up a beautiful woman along the way. Tananda isn't there for a song and a jiggle though. She's a top assassin and wants in on the kill for reasons that are revealed along the way.

If you've never read the Myth Adventure series and you like this I really recommend the first few novels. The series does bog down a bit as it goes on but even the weakest had some funny stuff.


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