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Three weeks in a row! I may be able to make a go of this.

Yesterday I ordered my first Smart Phone. It will get here Tuesday and even though I've resisted getting one for years I'm finding I'm really excited about playing with it. IT at work is making noises about blocking streaming audio again and if I can't listen to music on Pandora or old radio shows on YouTube I might commit work place violence.

After looking at the options it didn't make sense to get an iPod that would stream audio when I was illegible for a free phone upgrade. Plus, I've had a lot more things added to my duties in the last several months that require me to be in a given place at a given time and I can't always rely on being at my desk for Outlook to remind me.


The Irish Times reports on the American Republican Party
And it ain't pretty

Naptime by Janey-Jane
Spirited Away

Loki Picture by BBQFish
The male and female aspects of Loki gorgeously done.

Theseus And The Minotaur - The Other Version by Random Nexus
I like this version better

City of Angels by Afrai
Good Omens/Murder Mysteries merger.
You need to have read Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries and Good Omens first or this probably won't make any sense. It's a short piece in which we meet Crowley before his Fall when he was a designer in the Silver City.

Intermezzo by FrameofMind
A short look at Kenshin and Kaoru after Jinchuu and before the epilogue in which Kenshin figures a few important things out.

Downstairs, in Baker Street by Bethan
Mrs. Hudson coordinates the most kick ass old girls network of all time to protect Sherlock and John and her old girls include Victoria from RED, M from James Bond and many more. The Author is holding a spot the fandoms competition.

Interlinked Sherlock Fics
Random Nexus wrote Sofa Discovery a cute ficlet about John taking a picture of a napping Sherlock.

Which inspired Astapez to write Someone's Got a New Desktop Wallpaper in which John goes to further and further lengths to keep Sherlock from getting into his laptop and changing his wallpaper. Which is, of course, the nap picture.

And I left a comment asking what would happen if John got a fingerprint scanner so Astapez was inspired to write Someone's Got a New Cell Phone Ring Tone another sequel in which the password competition gets ridiculously out of hand

Moving the Furniture by Copperbadge (aka Sam Storyteller)
Steve has trouble talking to people he's attracted to and Natasha makes him totally tongue tied. Steve/Natasha first time fic.

Frankie Says Relax
Darcy gets a day job with the Avengers

Tags: anime, art, avengers, cool stuff, fanfic recs, good omens, link post, myth, news, real life, rurouni kenshin, sherlock, spirited away
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