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19 May 2012 @ 09:48 am
Update on Me and Assorted Cool Stuff  

Hi guys! Now that I no longer have dial up (Happy dance o'joy) I'm slowly catching up on the incredible backlog of update notifications I racked up when LJ and my computer decided that they would not play well with a slow connection. Verizon's MiFi isn't blazing fast but it was the most workable solution to living in BFE and wanting something faster than dialup over old lines.  I've also been reading more fanfic since I got my Kindle. Meanwhile work has been insane. AND I've been anemic enough to need an iron infusion.

So, I've been consuming a LOT of passive entertainment without having the energy to actually DO anything beyond beta reading Feni's stuff so there isn't anything interesting to post about. I get up, read twitter, check the news, go to work, come home, read twitter, tumblr, LJ, and assorted blogs, go to sleep, repeat.

I did get to see Avengers and OMG!

Also, I got a plot bunny and infected Feni with it and we're going to be doing something together that will also be audience participation and she'll be posting about it sometime today or tomorrow.

Anyway, the one thing I have been doing online that is semi-active is tossing links at Feni, Christina, and my cousin Ren as I find cool stuff so last week I decided that one way to get back to posting here would be to put the stuff that others might be interested in into a draft post and then share it with you once a week. Instead of waiting to rec a fic until I have two or three to make a full post or embedding videos or any of that I'll just give you a buffet of what I found to be cool this week.

At least for right now. Management reserved the right to change TOS at anytime as you should know if you've spent any time on the internet.

So, that said, here is this week's link feast:

Natasha walks out of a fridge.
Great article on women in comics in general and Natasha (Black Widow) in particular.
How the Avengers take their coffee
Loki in Norse Myth
Short piece with a nice illustration
Steve & Tony's Wedding
Avengers movie ending rewrite of awesomeness. Contains shawarma, Loki getting punched in the face, heavy on the Coulson.
Mark Ruffalo on Seasame Street
He's so adorable!

Go the Fuck to Sleep
Read by Samuel L Jackson
The entire book with some commentary. My life is complete
A NON-grumpy Pallas Cat?? Is that one of the signs of the apocalypse?