ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By

I'm sure some of you remember me whining about being on dial-up. Well, something has updated at LJ that hates dial-up even more than I do and it's kept me from posting much for a while now. If I visit LJ from home getting a page to load requires hitting refresh multiple times, sometimes over a half hour or more. Getting the post page to load is just as bad if not worse and even if I get it to load the post itself sometimes glitches.

It's something to do with Java scripts hanging up, probably because whoever set things up didn't set whatever to allow enough time for dialup to load and it just assumes there's a problem and gives up. If I turn Java off pages load pretty normally except for being not being able to reply to stuff. Of course with Java turned off you can't post. /sigh/ Once I've loaded a Journal sometimes I can turn Java back on, refresh it and have it load okay and be able to reply and even get other entries in the same journal to load but that trick doesn't work well with posting and it doesn't work every time.

It's just such a huge PITA to post under current conditions that it's not really worth it most of the time but I'm not leaving permanently.  If things go the way I hope I'll be able to get a faster connection next year but in the meantime I'll only be showing up when I happen to be able to use Wifi and have something I really need to post about. If you want to keep up with things like links to cool stuff then you'll need to follow me on Twitter or Tumblr. I'm @Ranuel03 on Twitter and you can find me on Tumblr at Ranuel.Tumblr.com 
Tags: lj quirks, real life
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