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Tumblring Around the 'Net

I've been subscribed to the RSS feed of a few Tumblr blogs for a while now but recently I've started wanting to be able to comment and to favorite some of the posts so I have spent several hours over the last few days setting up my own Tumblr. Yeah, I know, if all I wanted was a way to comment I could have just left it with the defaults but I had an OCD need to make it look good and I know I'm going to reblog some of the pretty pictures that come my way there and want to link to it from time to time.

Anyway, the Tumblr version of Why Am I In This Handbasket is at http://ranuel.tumblr.com/ . WARNING material there will tend to be visual and may not be safe for work. I don't have anything posted yet that will get you in trouble but that's very much subject to change without notice depending on what comes through on the tumblrs I follow. Any posts or reblogs will also generate a post to Twitter where I'm @Ranuel03 but if you want to see the stuff that I favorite then you have to go to Tumblr.

What will be where?

  • Talking about my life and other actual blogging will be here. Some of the stuff posted here is mirrored on Dreamwidth. It depends on the content and if I'm not feeling too lazy to crosspost.

  • Links to cool stuff will be at any or all of the three depending on what it is.

  • Cool pictures or comics will be on Tumblr

  • Videos will probably be here and on Tumblr depending. 

  • Quick fanfic recs will be on Twitter with the longer recs with a review type posts will be here. Most of the Twitter recs will find their way here when I have enough to make a post.

  • Short snarky comments on the fly that don't merit the effort of a whole blog post will be on Twitter.

  • If I ever write any fiction again it will be here and on Fanfiction.net, Mediaminer, & Archive of Our Own.

I'll be updating the sidebar here when I get the chance and maybe finally getting around to making a sticky post.

Tags: meta
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