ranuel (ranuel) wrote,


According to one of the local papers the person who died was a man who was out jogging. He was going west in the east bound lane when he was hit by the truck which was headed east. He was thrown into the ditch and pronounced dead at the scene. He likely died instantly from what I saw. The driver of the truck was 28.

I am still stunned and saddened that someone died like this on my land but at the same time I'm relieved that it's not someone I know. I am unhappy with myself about this even though it's a human response. Someone still died and is being mourned tonight.

I am inexpressibly relieved that the wailing I heard was NOT the last cries of a dying woman. The woman I heard was likely a passenger in the truck and was dealing with the shock of what happened and worried about her little dog running into the woods in all the confusion. I've had a few bad moments today when my brain tried to replay that.

Tags: real life
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