ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

This Time: Fatherhood

Title: Inuyasha's Sweetheart
Author: Suki

The author tries too hard to be coy about the identity of the title character but that's the only nit I can pick with it. A nice quiet dose of WAFF it's like a nice cup of hot cocoa for the heart.

Title: Holding Them
Author: Quillwing7171
Fandom: Inuyasha

Summary: It's one of the most important things they'll ever do together, and InuYasha's not sure how to react to it all.

This one just blew me away. By the end I had a huge grin and tears in my eyes and a nice warm glow in my heart. There are no battles, and no lemons, just Inuyasha dealing with the birth of his first child. It's universal enough that non-fans should like it too.
Tags: fanfic recs, inuyasha
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