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Fanfic Recs: Good Omens

Trying out a more informal style of writing these up. Let me know if you prefer the old way.

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle
by Daegaer is just a short conversation between Crawley and Lilith about recent events in The Garden. Lilith is seriously underused in this fandom and I love this take on things. The same set up could have been done seriously and dark but this is played for laughs.

Aziraphale's Sins
by Meggie272 . "Aziraphale was starting to think that after 6 millennia on Earth he'd rather stay where he was" It's a lovely meditation on what makes Earth a worthwhile place to be and why Aziraphale has come to prefer it to heaven. Slight bit of implied slash but totally G rated. It is at DevientArt though so depending on your settings you may not want to visit from work.

How the Apocalypse 2.0 was Really Averted
by Inked Insanity is absolute crack. it's a Supernatural/Good Omens crossover and the pairing is Bentley/Impala.

"The Impala honked, blinked its headlights twice – the car version of fluttering eyes, and gave another purr of the engine. It sounded far too seductive a noise for a car to ever make. Everyone else waited in baited breath to see how the Bentley would respond. The Bentley immediately turned on its tape-deck and started blasting Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody."

Rated Teen and Up  for the car porn (!) and use of the F word.

Tags: fanfic recs, good omens, supernatural
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