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Tornado Relief

I feel bad about not posting anything on this when I posted the Japan info. I have relatives in Alabama, thankfully in the south of the state, so I have closer ties to what is happening there than I do to something on the other side of the planet. Yeah, it's been really hectic at work for the last several weeks and I've got unread email that's a week old but it doesn't take much to post some links.

Really, the best way to find out what's going on with relief efforts you can help with is to follow cleolinda . She lives in the affected area and she's posting updates and links as she gets them.

Texting "redcross" to 90999 will add a $10 donation to your cell phone bill if you're in the US. When I did it I got a reply asking if I wanted it to go to Japan or to the general disaster fund. Donations to the general fund will help Alabama.

Amazon is doing something really practical and amazing.


Christian Service Mission has submitted a  wish list of needed items (food, toiletries, baby care, etc)  If you purchase an item it will be sent to them. This way your money can go to exactly what someone needs. There are items that qualify for super saver shipping.
Tags: disaster relief, interesting times, real life
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