ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Sherlock Fics

This time there is Easter silliness and two really creative and well done crossovers.

Title: Eyes
Author: [personal profile] random_nexus 
Summary: Sort of spoilery for all episodes regarding secondary character interactions.
Link: http://random-nexus.livejournal.com/131653.html?view=1540933#t1540933

Lots of silly fluff. Really, Peeps are involved. Totally gen.


Title: What in the World(s)
Author: [personal profile] random_nexus 
Summary: John and Sherlock encounter several versions of Holmes due to a guy in a big blue box.
Link: http://random-nexus.livejournal.com/132099.html?view=1550595#t1550595

Apparently Random_Nexus specializes in silly fun. Lucky us! If you don't see why you NEED to read a story with The Doctor and 3 versions of Sherlock Holmes meeting up then you should just turn off the internet now and go take up some hobby that will keep you safely occupied and out of the way. Mild slash. One shot but it may be continued.


Title: Elementary, My Dear McLeod
Author: dkwilliams
Summary: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/hlh_shortcuts/51180.html

I found this via a rec from Issen4 who has very good recs. This is so very, very, very good I can't even say. If you are a fan of either Sherlock Holmes or Highlander you have to read this. There is a scene with Methos and Mycroft that is totally worth your time. We also get an explanation for the head in the fridge. Mild Methos/Mac.
Tags: doctor who, fanfic recs, highlander, sherlock
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