ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Good Omens Recs

Title: Falling Without a Parachute
Author [info]musegaarid
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: James Bond is having a hell of a time in his most controversial adventure.
Link: http://musegaarid.livejournal.com/8457.html

I never even had the faintest notion that there might be a James Bond/Crowley fic out there and that it would be both an exceptionally hot lemon AND a really good Bond story just blew me away. Bond and Crowley meet on a train and then there are explosions, and betrayals, and vintage Bentleys, and expensive meals with no reservations needed, and an ending that just made me melt.

Title: It's Rain
Artist: Catizza
Link: http://catizza.deviantart.com/art/Good-Omens-It-s-Rain-191352911?q=&qo=

I love this picture of Az & Crowley! Az is so into his book that he doesn't notice things like an approaching storm so it's good that he has Crowley around.

Title: Aggressive
Author: Hopie-cat
Link: http://hopie-cat.deviantart.com/art/03-aggressive-go-ca-195097679

Short one shot pointing out why it's not healthy to threaten Aziriphale.
Tags: fanfic recs, good omens
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