ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

A Total Waste

Text of an email I sent to Donor Services at the Paralized Veterans of America.

My father and uncle were veterans. I've spent many evenings at the American Legion post playing darts with my father and his friends. I work in a rehab hospital and see how vital it is that research into paralisis be done and the rights of those who are disabled are fought for. I enjoy the two magazines you publish.
So, several years ago I gave a small amount, I think around $20, at the holiday season.
Since then the entire $20 has been more than consumed by the postage and printing costs of sending me an endless stream of address labels and greeting cards. You've even started sending ME money by including a nickle which just increases the postage costs. Now today I got a beautifully printed Christmas card with a CD of holiday music inside. If the money I gave you to help our disabled veterans hadn't been used up on junk before then it has been now.
Not only do I not intend to EVER donate a single penny to your organization again, I have made it a point to tell my friends and family that if they want to donate to a charity they would be better giving to an organization that acutally uses their money for the purpose it is intended for. I now give to the United Way and the Red Cross.

Tags: rant
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