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And it gets better (not)

$Spyed has announced that they WILL be changing the option effective today.


Based on past encounters with TPTB at DA I totally did not expect this and I did not expect him to be so respectful about it. I hope those that work under him take his lead in the future.


Nokari a "Senior Member" has added his own hateful comments to the situation:
If not having a 3rd gender option, or complete lack there of, on a website makes you feel offended, then you have bigger problems.

Look down between your legs. If you see a penis, choose Male. If you see a vagina, choose Female. If you see a penis but don't feel male, than pick Female. If you see a vagina but don't feel like a female, then pick Male. If some days you feel one way and other days you feel the other, then switch it as you see fit. And if you don't like either, go eenie meenie minie moe to make your choice and select to not show anything. You can write "Unspecified" or whatever the hell else you want anywhere on your profile with the exact same effect. No one but yourself cares whether it says "his" or "her" on your profile. People can't go around calling you "it" all the time anyways.

Your 3rd option is to pick to not show your gender choice and just tell people what you prefer.

He elaborates on his POV further in the thread: 


I replied: 
I'm a straight female with no ambiguity to my gender or sexual identity and I'm still mortally offended by the tone that STAFF are taking with CUSTOMERS about a very painful and personal issue for them. The lack of compassion, understanding, and just plain humanity is breathtaking. Stop trying to make this about some politically correct weirdos with their noses out of joint and address the real issue: The lack of good customer relations at this site and the freedom that those who represent it feel in behaving like trolls towards the customers. In any other business that can get your fired.

This issue is going viral on Twitter and Live Journal so at the least you should expect some financial hit from people who chose to give their money to other sites where they are welcome. I suspect the Male/Female thing is as much about datamining as anything else so I don't expect it to change but I would like to see a change in the behavior of site reps towards users. There was recently a national day to express protest against bullies. If you thought for a moment that you weren't part of the problem you were mistaken.
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