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Improbable Island

If you missed it there have been several bits from the text game Improbable Island posted to weepingcock this week. Not because they are bad but because they were such excellent mocking of the exact sorts of things WC exists to mock.

I made the mistake yesterday morning of thinking that I would find it and bookmark it and go check it out this weekend and ended up getting sucked into the opening sequence and being 30 minutes late for work. I then spent my entire lunch break playing it. Plus some time last night.

Do not attempt to go there for the first time unless you have several hours to explore.

It's really very well written with lots of Douglas Adams inspired humor and clever word play. The premise is that an accident in an experiment to create an improbability generator has resulted in this island being surrounded by a field of improbability and people are being kidnapped and dropped in as part of a reality TV show.  You have to fight various creatures (Slash Fanfic and Romance Writer were featured at WC) and ultimately attempt to destroy the improbability drive. Or maybe not ultimately, I saw some stuff that makes me think that the drive can be destroyed over and over again, even by the same person, and play continues. Not sure what's up with that yet.

I did manage to progress from the pink frilly panties to fuzzy pajamas and buy a meat fork last night so I'm feeling very stylish and tough. Gonna go out and kick some monster butt tonight. I just hope I don't end up on the Fail Boat.

I discovered last night that players get rewarded for referrals and now I'm feeling guilty for not clicking on one of the links included in the WC posts and depriving those posters of credit for my new addiction.

If you decide you want to try it out and you aren't a member of WC then please use this link:


And let me know if you play so I'll have someone to blather about it with. If you've been a player for a little bit I want to pick your brains (but not in a zombie sense).

Tags: cool stuff, improbable island
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