ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Computer Issues

First I had a worm. Backdoor Bandook caused frequent java script hangups and took me the better part of two weekends to diagnos and remove. Removal programs did not work so I had to do it manually but I finally killed the thing and I hope the bad thoughts I generated contribute to the overall negative karma of the virginal denizens of basements everywhere who think creating these things is cool or funny.

After running all those cleaning programs that didn't work a bit of something useful may have been deleted. I'm not sure but McAfee has a completly different look to it now. Everything seemed to be working fine though so I figured if it was something important it would get fixed as things updated.

Then MSN Explorer did just that Thursday. MSN Explorer is a version of explorer that those of us with MSN Dial-up get as part of the deal. I usually close it as soon as I'm signed in and switch over to Firefox. Except that nothing wanted to load on Firefox more complex than Google. It took several tries hitting refresh just to get the chapter of the story I was reading at FF.Net to load.  IE does the same.

I figured that there could still be something updating in the background that was overwhelming my pitiful 30k dialup connection, called it an early night, and went to bed.

And haven't really been able to get on at home since. /sigh/

My modem dials the number and I connect to the network but then it can't sign me on. It SAYS I should still be able to surf the net, I just can't access my MSN account specific stuff but even though I'm showing a connection speed of 30k I still can only get simple stuff to load and that after multiple tries. I went to Starbucks Saturday and had a nice chat with customer support while I was on WiFi and they gave me a list of things to try but none of them worked. I'm going to try again after I clock out from work.

I have 239 emails, almost none of it spam, accumulated in Gmail. I did spend several hours at Starbucks and the Library on Saturday but I was busy downloading Hikaru no Go from One Manga before it went away and didn't have time to try and catch up on email. Most of it is LJ notifications so could you guys not talk so much for a few days? Pweeeese? 

Tags: interesting times, real life, whine
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