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The Ultimate Crossover

I've spent a lot of time this week reading the best fan comic I've ever seen. It's a major multi-crossover with Phantom of the Opera, Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Miserables, Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, Good Omens, The Wizard of Oz, Sweeney Todd, Heroes, and pretty near anything else that's cool and fun as it strikes the creators' fancy.

The central premise is that there is an apartment complex where fictional characters live where Eric (The Phantom of the Opera) and Jareth (The Goblin King) are roommates. Directly downstairs is the apartment where the objects of their obsession, Christine Daae and Sarah live. Regularly appearing neighbors are Commodore Noringtom, Inspector Javert, Aziraphale, and Crowley.

It began with a one shot cartoon by AsheRhyder

V-Day by *AsheRhyder on deviantART

Which inspired Roommates which begins here: 

Roommates by *AsheRhyder on deviantART

It starts a little slow but once it gets going it's hilarious

Roommates 48 - Wizard by *AsheRhyder on deviantART

Roommates then inspired Pika-la-Cynique to do a fan-comic of a fan-comic and do the parallel series The Girls Next Door staring Christine and Sarah

GirlsNextDoor - Introductions by *Pika-la-Cynique on deviantART

Which gets even crazier than the original strip.

GirlsNextDoor09 - Dog's life by *Pika-la-Cynique on deviantART

Yes, that IS Jacob from Twilight. Poor bastard.

Both strips have multipart story arcs and they each refer to things that happen in the other. So far I've been able to keep up pretty well by switching back and forth reading 5 - 10 strips of each.
Tags: fanfic recommendations, labyrinth, phantom of the opera
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