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Things that are annoying me in Fanfic

1. Having Miroku ask every pretty girl to bare his child. How does he know that Sango will want a nanny to bathe and change their kid instead of doing it herself? If you don't get this one consult a dictionary. In fact, chain it to your desk next to your keyboard.

2. Any story in which Sesshoumaru deliberately causes harm to Rin when it isn't to spare her greater pain. I recently read a story in which Sess had to sacrifice Rin to the big bad in order to defeat Naraku. I think he would let Naraku take over the world before he would do that. I've read worse though. Even before recent events in the manga anybody who seriously thinks that rape, murder, sado-masochistic foreplay, or cold abandonment (as opposed to leaving her for her own good) would play any part in their future relationship was missing a few screws, now it will be inexcusable for anything other than what it is: bad writing. This is not to say that Rin can't come to harm as a direct result of something Sess does. After all people screw up, and sometimes things done with the best of intentions backfire. You can still get lots of angst if you keep them in character.

3. In text author's notes that have nothing to do with the story. Okay, in text author's notes annoy me regardless but I can wince and move on from (AN: Koishi means beloved) but will hit the back button with many ill wishes towards the author for something like (AN: *Squeeee* wasn't that just too cute. Just like my boyfriend). There is this thing called footnotes and end of chapter notes. Embrace them, love them, never stray from them.

4. Any story from any fandom in which the pairing is contrary to canon and the explanation given as to why character A dropped B like a hot rock in order to be with C is any of the following:
a. A&B realize that they are really just very good friends and feel a sibling sort of love for one another. Extra demerits for fandoms in which A&B have actually demonstrated physical attraction or made declarations of romantic love in canon. Once all the shouting is over Miroku isn't going to decide that he really can't commit to Sango, Kagome isn't going to think that her feelings for Inuyasha were a childish crush, and none of the above are likely to find true love in the arms of Kouga, Sesshoumaru, or your Mary Sue. At least not without a lot more story development on your part.
b. Either A or B is abusive toward the other in a gross exaggeration of canon behavior and drives the other into the arms of C. Extra demerits if canon has C being abusive towards one or both of the canon pair. Maximum punishment should be given to those who have the "comfort" be sex between two people who where enemies an hour ago, especially if the comfortee was a virgin. Parodies however are greatly appreciated.
c. No, explanation is given at all. It's an AU so the author feels that anything goes.

5. Fanfic using Japanese characters set in Japan in which every OC has an European name and Japanese culture is ignored. If you are going to high school in Tokyo its a good bet that your teachers will not be Mrs. Brown, Mr. Smith, or Miss Jones. You are unlikely to have more than a couple of classmates with names like Bob, Mary, Susan, or Joe. You will stay in one classroom all day, except for classes like gym or home ec, and your teachers will change classes. You do not get Saturday off.

6. Stories in which Shippou is a vicious, nasty, brat who delights in causing Inuyasha real pain and humiliation. Okay, I'll grant that he can be a brat but he's six it sort of goes with the territory. This goes with...

7. Stories in which Inuyasha truly hates Shippou and wishes him harm. Urm, right. What series are YOU reading? I'm an only child and even I get sibling rivalry and how it can apply even if the two aren't siblings. They drive each other nuts but neither inflicts lasting damage and nobody else better mess with them.

8. Stories in which Shippou is in love/lust with Kagome and plans to marry/mate her when he's old enough and means it in a serious way that small children do not. Kids Shippou's age have non-sexual crushes on teens and adults in their lives. If the crush is on someone of the opposite gender and the person isn't family the kid may even declare that he's going to marry that person. The child doesn't mean that one day I'm going to have hot animal sex with her and make lots of babies. The child means that one day I hope we will live in the same house and I'll take care of her the way Daddy takes care of us and she will give me all her attention.

9. Stories in which characters who have demonstrated two sets of behavior depending on circumstances have long conversations with themselves as other personalities when not done for comic effect or not explained well within the story. Inuyasha arguing with his demon, Kenshin arguing with Battosai, next Superman and Clark Kent will be going at it. It can work with a very good author and a good set up (Facets of the Living Jewel Comes to mind) but unless the story is an AU where the character really does have multiple personality disorder or the equivalent and will use the consequences of that as part of the drama or it's part of a comedy with over the top elements that aren't meant to be taken as canon then it's distracting. I have a degree in psych so this probably bothers me more than the average reader.

10. Authors who think that because Miroku is a monk, therefore he must have taken a vow of celibacy and must renounce his profession to marry Sango. Part of the misunderstanding of Buddhist monks in Japan that also produces...

11. Stories in which Miroku has never been exposed to homosexual behavior until Kouga, Inuyasha, etc make their move. You people REALLY need to read up on Buddhist monks (and Samurai) in Japan during this time period. As I said before over at WASIF Brother Cadfael it wasn't.

12. People nominating stories for awards that haven't even been proof read. A story can have a great original plot and sparkling dialog but it's gonna get disqualified if it doesn't meet the minimum standard in regards to spelling and grammar. Why don't you tell the author that you'd really like to nominate the story and offer to help her get it polished up so that it actually has a chance?

13. nominating stories for awards in categories that they don't fit in. Here's a hint: If it's slash or an alt pairing it's not canon by definition. If Sesshy has a castle, if there are mating marks, if Inu purrs, then it's NOT canon. If the story has two or more chapters it's not a one shot. Read the rules and category definitions for a given contest before submitting something for consideration.
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