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More Adventures or May You Live in Interesting Times

Katje says that the reason we experience thematically related problems within the same broad time period is astrological. Makes as much sense as anything else.

After resolving the crisis a couple of weeks ago where I got locked out when the door latch engaged after I slammed the door I have made it a point to never leave the door closed behind me without having my cell phone and the keys in my pocket. I also resolved to have several copies made of the keys when I get money to spend on non-essentials at the end of this month.

So of course I managed to lose my keys.

The hospital I work at is part of a massive healthcare system and I had to go across town to attend a training class at our flagship hospital. I got a good space in the parking garage, found the classroom, and made it with time to spare. So far, so good. It was even an interesting class.

But, I had worn a skirt with no pockets and because I was so terribly broke last week I didn't want the temptation to buy an over-priced cup of designer coffee at the stand in the lobby so I left my purse in the car. I slipped my cell phone, set on vibrate, into my cleavage and hooked the fob of my keychain into my waistband. Problem solved.

Except I had a bit of a fight with my slip in the bathroom and I'm pretty sure that's when the keys slipped free without me knowing it. I'll probably never know for sure. Four hours latter when I discovered the lack of keys I went over the route I had taken to the class three times without turning anything up, talked to security, housekeeping, and lost and found and got no where. I left a description of the keys and my contact info and called roadside assistance.

Fortunately I had a spare key in my purse so once they got me in I could get home. Unfortunately despite an earlier request Geico hadn't added the van to the service and I had to pay $45 for the privilege. So much for saving money.

I was hoping that I had left the back door unlocked but no such luck so I ended up spending the night in the old doublewide with no running water and the cats ended up being locked in to the new place until after five the next day. Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to leave them in but there is a mean tom in the area who's started coming around and I worry about them. I ended up covering my nice new furniture with sheets and blankets. *sigh*

The next day nobody had turned in my keys so I had to take off work early and borrow money from my cousin Jean to pay $85 to have a locksmith unlock the doors and make me new keys from scratch.

Jean now has a spare key to everything. I'm still hoping the keys I lost turn up since it had the only working remote door lock fob for the van. The one with the spare key stopped working and a new battery didn't revive it.

On a good note we had a surprise audit of our credit cards and my record keeping passed with flying colors.

I'm am so glad it's Saturday.
Tags: home ownership, interesting times, real life
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