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10 February 2007 @ 04:28 pm
Now Brought to You By....  
So, I changed and now there are ads. When I get money I'll get a paid account but it's hard to justify spending even $24 when I'm trying to save enough to pay for Tanner to have a heart scan which the vet is requiring before we put him on medication for his heart murmur. Which isn't too bad and he is otherwise healthy, especially for a 14-year-old, but still something that needs watching.

If I do not go to the bank within the next month to get that bill consolidation loan feel free to spam me with the worst possible garbage until I do.

Thanks to the LJ users who responded to my last post. I do have more notifications but it doesn't say how many, just keeps accepting them. I also now have slots for more icons which I plan to fill soon.
(Anonymous) on February 12th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
Meh, I think I have a total of $.07 after months of having google ads. My blog doesn't get enough traffic to make any money at it.

And, I will spam you with ads for this show. Naughty, yet it's theater. Can't complain about that.

(Anonymous) on February 12th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
Oh, I forgot to sign the above. It's me.--Christina
ranuelranuel on February 13th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
I have actually seen something from that online. I can't remember now if it was still pics or not. You'd think I'd be able to remember something like that wouldn't you?

I don't get any money for the ads, they just allow me to have the mid-level account with a few more bells and whistles without paying for it.

You can get an account for free just to use to post comments. That's what I did with this one for a long time. If you do I can add you to my friends and if I ever want to do a post just to people I know you would have access. Plus you could get email notifications if I replied to you. Come join the dark side. We have cookies.
(Deleted comment)
ranuelranuel on February 14th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
::Hands Christina One double chocolate chip walnut cookie::*

Yay! I shall go friend you now.

BTW you got any theories on the real identity of our idiot troll? I was tempted to guess Wombat since he's using a variant on the name Rick but I don't think Rick speaks Spanish and he's just too smart to play this dumb. I find it hard to believe a complete stranger would have stuck around this long.

*The kind with the good extra crunchy chocolate made by our friend Ricky's cousin.