ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Fanfic Recs - Doctor Who

Title: I Reject Your Universe and Substitute My Own
Author: CountryGirl914
Rating: K+
One shot
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4222930/1/I_Reject_Your_Universe_and_Substitute_My_Own
Summary: The Doctor lands somewhere he wasn't expecting, and gets a happy surprise. CRACK. Also a crossover, and if you can't figure out from the title which show the crossover is with...I can't help you.

I'm not sure why the author was being coy, I'd have been even more likely to read it knowing that the cross is with Mythbusters. There is, of course, an explosion.


Title: Braces
Author: Botichelli Puzzle
Rating: T
One Shot
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4224501/1/Braces
Summary: The Doctor has an eensy-weensy fixation with snapping Jack's braces. Just as dirty as it sounds, girls and boys. Rated T for slash and minor language. Jack/10

Very, very silly in spots and yet there is a serious moment that nails a key aspect of the Doctor's personality. It's not quite believable overall but it is VERY HOT slash even though it never actually delivers more than kissing. 
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