ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Con Report Part 3


Check out time wasn't 'til eleven but I didn't want to have to deal with it then so I went ahead and got packed up and out of my room before the first session. That was the end of the relatively better wireless connection I had in my room and I wasn't able to get more than limited connectivity for the rest of the day so there went trying to do any work on the con report over breakfast.

We started the day right with an hour on Torchwood. I was really surprised by how many people were convinced that the death of one of the supporting characters had totally ruined the show since that character hadn't been why any of us started watching to start with. Granted I really liked the character but Jack continues and he's the heart of the show. Lots of dumping on Gwen. I'm not too fond of her but I hadn't realized there was this much fan disdain for her. I had been hoping that there would be some sort of character development sub-plot that took her from the less than admirable person she is in early season one to someone more worthy of being the audience's view point character but apparently not.

Next up was "What Were They Watching" a general bitch session about fanfic writers who savage canon and all the ways they piss us off. Very therapeutic. Appropriate that this session was held the morning after Vogon Prose when we'd already had a chance to vent some of our ire.

"But it Happened" was sort of a continuation of the previous panel. Instead of complaining about writers who change canon at a whim we were talking about our favorite instances of things that were just flat out ignored, not only by many fans but especially by the show's creators. Top of the list with the attendees was how Jack seemed to be able to bring back the dead with a kiss in early season one of Torchwood and never showed that ability again.

The panel to speculate on Doctor Who 11 was informative since I haven't seen all of the current Doctor Who episodes yet and much spoilers were revealed. Interesting tidbit learned was that Paterson Joseph, the actor who played the Marquis de Carabas in Neverwhere, was the first runner up and very nearly got the job. Damn. He would have been so entirely excellent. Within a few scenes of his first appearance in Neverwhere it struck me that he was basically playing a version of the Doctor I would so love to have gotten to see him play the real thing. Maybe when 12 is casting? 

The anime discussion didn't have many attendees and a lot of our time was spent pimping our favorites to someone who was just getting into anime and was frantically adding stuff to her Netflix list as we talked. That was fun! Me, Rosie, and a very nice girl whose name I didn't get had a lot of fandoms in common that the rest didn't share and NGWNIDG and I had a good time fangirling over Hikaru no Go after the official end of the panel. I have got to say that the more I hear about Death Note the less I want to read it even though I like the artist a lot.

I didn't attend the Future of Fandom panel and intended to skip out pretty quickly since "lunch" had been some potato chips snagged between panels and I had a long drive home before getting up to go to work the next day but I ended up talking Cake Wrecks with a couple of people and didn't get out until around 5.

It was a great con. Very different from any I'd attended before in it's format and how relaxing it was. If I hadn't gotten sick pretty much as soon as it was over it would have really recharged my batteries. I don't think I can afford to do both Vidcon and Necro any year soon so next year will be a real agonizing decision as to which to go to. Necro has formal panels with real writers and workshops in cool stuff and a dealer's room that is a big part of why I go but it is possible to wander through it feeling very disconnected. Vidcon was like a house party with good friends, most of whom I'd never met before, and I really felt welcomed and a part of it. I'm looking forward to staying connected via the Yahoo group no matter what I decide about next year.
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