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Con Report - Part 2


The Harry Potter discussion focused mostly on the new movie and the series of movies in general. There was some discussion about the end of the books and what we might expect from the rest of the movies. I did NOT get lynched for expression my opinion that Rowling really, really needed an editor who could stand up to her once she hit big and confessing that I have enjoyed several fanfics far more than I did the last couple of the books that I read. Turns out I might be in the minority but I'm not the only one to get bogged down.

Reboots was in the same room after a brief break to let people shuffle between groups. Deb tried to get a consensus on what the differences were between a reboot, a restart, and a reimagining but it was like herding cats.  There was a big difference of opinion as to what's worked and what hasn't but overall there was a lot of disappointment in Hollywood's mining of our childhoods.

What TPTB Wrote Vs.What We Saw was in the other room which was just on the other side of the elevators. There was discussion of how a single throw away line can alter our perception of a character and just how much of the sub-text is really meant to be there anyway. This one ranged around several fandoms I like and it was a really fun discussion.

At 1pm I decided it was time for lunch and took a walk through the downtown business district to a really nice little place called the Cafe Alma. It has really gorgeous brickwork and a Saturday brunch. I didn't take them up on the brunch (or the Bloody Mary Bar) but I had some really good chicken with pesto and a relaxing down time. Of course with my luck I discovered when I was nearly back to the hotel that I had lost my key card and had to get a replacement. I needed to get to the next panel so no time to retrace my steps.

The most interesting thing about the Doctor Who discussion was how many of the people there were big fans of the new series but had seen hardly any of the old shows. Ironically some of them claimed to have no interest in seeking them out and adding them to their overlong "To Watch" lists while at the same time picking the old time Whovians' brains for explanations of things they didn't understand because they didn't know the history. We had to explain what Time Lords are, what Time Lords do (heh), how many regenerations they get (usually), who the first companion was who died, etc. Which was fun, really, and maybe we got them interested enough to seek out certain episodes at least.

There were a few people there who seem really invested in the idea of the Doctor as asexual despite all evidence to the contrary which puzzles me. I could see it if someone had gotten hooked at a young age but these were all adults who have come to the show recently when the show itself was much more open about such things. There's a fun research paper there for some grad student.

Some of the same people also seemed rooted in the idea that the Doctor was some Lawful Good character, again despite evidence to the contrary even in recent shows. In an episode I haven't seen yet he lets a thief go and someone was shocked that he would do that. It was pointed out that the Doctor himself is a thief whose very first act in canon was to steal the TARDIS for no better reason than adventure but "that's different". Dang, I wish I'd thought to bring up his theft of money from the ATM.

I'm not really sure where I was from 3 'til 5. Some mixture of fighting with the internet connection in my room and hanging out in the con suite. The next panel on Jumping the Shark was really fun. Lots of dumping on various Trek franchises is what I mostly remember. There was also general discussion on causes of shark jumping such as one of the leads leaving the show (voluntarily or not).

We couldn't take the picture out by the pool since a shower came up right then so we gathered in the lobby outside the ballrooms and were generally silly for a while as some very nice people in very nice clothes wandered by to their family reunion dinner and probably thought we had escaped from a local asylum. At one point "You're So Vain" came on the muzack and we all spontaniously started to sing along. We were finally all there and behaved long enough to be immortalized on film. I haven't seen a copy yet. I'll link it if I can.

Those who were having the buffet went to that and me and Rosie, a very nice lady I meet at the con, ate our stuff we brought from home and talked anime for an hour. Finally! Somebody who actually has read Fake!

The Family Feud game was great! Waldo had posted polls to her blog and taken the top answers. The "Fanish Hive Mind" as she called it was often on a very different wave length than the Vid Con attendees.

Then Michelle was up for Saturday's video presentation:

40 Inspirational Speeches - this is on YouTube
Boulevard of Broken Songs by Hollywoodgirrl (Dr. Who)
Beverly Hills by Gianduja Kiss (Merlin)
Circus by Butterflydm (Star Trek Reboot)
Papa Don't Preach by Greensilver & Eunice (Torchwood)
Ladies Night by Counteragent (multi)
Happy Together by xmas holly (Mac & PC) got this through crackvan
Money Maker byTalitha 78 (Psych)
Channel Hopping by Ash (Supernatural) - on YouTube
Girl 4 All Seasons by Foomatic (multi)
Poker Face by Talitha 78 (ST Reboot)
One Pill by Starcrossedgirl (Star Trek Classic)
Meet the Doctor by Humansrsuperior
TwilightWho on Youtube
10 Things I hate about Commandments - on YouTube
Handlebars by Seah & Margie (Dr. Who)
Illya Kuryakin Looked At Me (Man from UNCLE) on YouTube
One Night Fandoms (Angel of the Morning) by Eruthros & thingswithwings

After her planned show there were requests to fill in some time: 
The Chain by Loki
NCIS - something hinky by Melanie
You're So Vain - WOAD society

And then the first Vogon Prose offering of the evening had actually been dramatized using video game characters so HalfLife, the final video,  was the first Vogon entry.  You know how when I find a really funny piece of bad writing I inflict it on whoever happens to be around and not moving too fast at the time? Right Christine? Mandy? Well this was a whole group of us volunteering to hear each others' worst finds and it was good. There were times when the reader couldn't go on because she couldn't breath for laughing. The wise cracks from the attendees made it even better. There is no way I can reproduce the experience here. The funniest bits probably wouldn't be so funny out of context (although "spanking the undead monkey" has got to be funny no matter how you look at it) so I'll leave it to your imagination.

I got to bed at 2 in the morning and a good time was had.

Part 3 tomorrow.

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