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Con Report Part 1


On the road at 10:30. A little later than I planed but not much. Since the only person I had to consult with on my travel was me this time I decided to take my time. There wasn't anything scheduled until 8pm that I really didn't want to miss and check in at the hotel wasn't until 4 anyway. It still took me a lot longer than expected thanks to Friday afternoon traffic on SR19, the alternate route I took to miss the nasty bridge from Tampa to St. Pete. Once at the hotel though I had plenty of time to take a long bath and try to nap a little before the Welcome Party.

The Welcome party was nice. Even though the description of it mentioned that costumes were fine I was the only one to show up in much more than jeans and a t-shirt. My inner 15-year-old had a brief moment of panic before I drew on the audacity of the former owner of my magnificent tail and marched on in. I got a lot of compliments on the kitsune outfit and nobody seemed to think I was the token nutcase. There was wine but I decided to pass since I was still tired and wanted to make it through the Friday night video program.

At 9pm everyone trouped downstairs to one of the conference rooms for the first night of videos presented by Shana: 

[My comments in blue]

Walk on the Ground (multi), by Seah and Margie
*I Got You, Babe [The You-Tube Affair] (Man from UNCLE), unknown  [This had me giggling. it's nice to see an old favorite show has fans]
*The A-Team [Star Trek AU], unknown [OMG This was sooo funny! If you like either Star Trek or The A-Team seek this out now!]
Fancy [SG1], Lord King Bad Vid
I Think I Love You [Queer as Folk - US], by F1renze [I've never seen this show (either version) so this was several minutes of huh? ]
While We Have the Sun [Firefly], by Mirah and Ginger [The not so depressing Firefly vid.]
I'm Your Man (multi - femslash), by Charmax [Really excellent footage of women cross dressing (Marlena Detrich in top hat, Juie Andrews in Victor/Victoria) as well as great girl kisses from mainstream movie history - there are more than you'd think.]
Revenge (multi - 70s exploitation movies), Absolute Destiny [Women kicking butt]
Marvelous Party (multi - costume dramas), by Charmax [You know those huge masked balls that turn up all over the place in movies? Edit them ALL together for one really awesome party.]
If You Were In My Movie (multi), Jackie K and Carol S
Go, Baby, Go (J2 RPS), by Thandie
Three Time Loser (Sentinel), by Spirit Guide (2006 Moonridge Auction)
We'll Meet Again (SG1), Carol S [Somewhere in here I started fading a bit and my memory is hazy for most the following]
*The Lost Button (SGA/DW crossover), by Chayiana
*Closer (Star Trek original series), by T Jones and Killa
Disturbia (Supernatural), by Wolfling
*Did You Forget to Take Your Meds? (House), by Melanie [Except this one! Great pairing of music with character!!!]
2 Atoms in a Molecule (SGA), by Zoetrope
Who Knew (Dr. Who), unknown
Destiny Calling (multi of famous/ popular vids), by CounterAgent

*Found on Youtube

And after that we went back up to the con suite and I tried to be social for a bit but really was mostly there in body. I have a vague recollection of letting someone use my computer to check mail but that could have been Saturday? Anyway, it was time to go collapse on my king size bed and pull the down duvet over my head and recharge.

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