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Full schedule

Thanks to Ann Morris for emailing me the current schedule with descriptions




1501 – NCIS – Surprised by its popularity or did you know all along? Tony, love him or hate him? Kate or Ziva? Or is it really all about Mark Harmon? - Penny


1525 New Shows What's coming for fall and where will your old favorites be? Host – Michele



Downstairs – Dinner –One of the favorite parts of Vidcon – eating! Tonight’s dinner will be Asian themed with sides of fresh veggies! Bring it on!



1510 - Welcome to Vidcon Party! A party! We love parties. Drinks all around! There’s food, fun and a chance to meet other fans. Costumes, uniforms, t-shirts, or ballcaps representing your fave fandom are encouraged. Bring the desserts and other favorites!



Downstairs - Videos – See! Quick cuts of your favorite shows set to music that may or may not have anything to do with the action as originally intended by the creators. Host - Shana


We used to have a schedule for each evening but decided that a free-form kind of thing worked best for us. There will be song vids, maybe some Vogon vids, maybe some other stuff.





1501 – Harry Potter: – We all knew some parts of the books wouldn't make the movies.  Have the first 5 (6 if you've been to HBP this week!) movies held your interest?  Let's talk about what we like, hate and feel totally 'eh' about. - Melzedie


1525 – Burn Notice – Calling all burned spies, trigger happy ex-girlfriends, former navy seals, etc., to talk about this adrenaline rush of a show. - Nelz



1501 - Reboots - Rebooting, new version, updating a legend. Writers have done it since King Arthur. What works and doesn’t. – Deb


1525 - Mentalist – One of the hottest new shows on TV, but is it because of the quirky characters, Holmesian twists, or simply Simon Baker's hotness? Come discuss this complex new show! - Rachelle



1501 – The Big Bang Theory - This show is the #2 sitcom on TV and it's all about the kinds of people we know and love. We welcome you to get your geek on and join us in tribute to Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Penny.- Ann


1525 – What TPTB Wrote vs. What We Saw - Was that supposed to be as slashy (or as shippy) as it looked to us? Was that throw away line meant to color the way we see a character for the next 5 seasons? Was that line a joke or is that character really prejudiced? How fandom interprets what we see on screen. - Waldo



1501 – Ways to Watch a Show - Does watching a show once a week for seven years make you see it differently than someone who downloads all 140 episodes and mainlines them in a week? How does the way a show is broadcast change the way fandom reacts? - Waldo


1525 – Unscripted Shows - Come discuss all those guilty pleasure reality shows: ones you love, ones you hate and ones you love to hate but would never admit watching . – E



1501- Supernatural Slash - They've got work to do, but all work and no play…. How do you match up Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby, John, Jimmy, Rufus, and for those who look ahead- Lucifer? What dark road do your slashy googles lead- incest, angel porn, demon sex, or RPS?- Rick


1525 – Doctors Who 9 and 10 - Two doctors, three companions, one sonic

screwdriver. As we prepare to bid farewell to David Tennant, let's look

back on the best episodes that he and Christopher Eccleston have given us. – LC



1501 – Year in Review - A continuation of new shows" that's what it'll be, to also include what happened last year and what will be happening on returning shows. There may be spoilers so be warned. - Michele


1525 – Whedoniverse - Whether it’s older, like Buffy or Firefly or newer, like Dr Horrible or Dollhouse, it's Joss. Is Mr Whedon still mastering some of your domain? Have you heard about the new movie? Are you still reading the fic? - Melziedee




1501 - Stargate – All Purpose Panel - Discuss the last season of Atlantis, whether you think they'll actually make a TV movie, or that episode of SG1 you've rewatched recently. – Ane


1525 – But I Like Season ##? - Season 1 of SGA, Season 3 of Supernatural, any season of Lost or Heroes, or the maligned season of your choice- Tell us why it's better than they realize. – Rick



1501 - I'd Watch Anything with Blank in It! - Come share your shameful secret about how high your tolerance for total crap is when it comes to the actors you love to love. We'll compare highs and lows, and talk about what it is that sends us on hunts for that movie that no one in the right mind actually wants to own.- Sarah


1525 – Jumping the Shark - What shows, movies, and fandoms have gone astray and why, and do you think they can get back on track? Bring favorite examples from the last couple of years or even longer if you just can't let it go. - E



Pool Side – Group Photo – Come join the rest of the Vidcon group in a panoramic group photo! No excuses.



Downstairs - Dinner – Tonight will feature a special hotel hosted banquet. Pasta, sauces, salad and fondue – wow.



Downstairs –Trivia Time! Fannish Feud: Teams of five compete in our own version of "Family Feud". Prizes for those who can read the fannish hive-mind the best. Host - Waldo



Downstairs- Videos – Will feature vids new and different, as well as a specials like, well, I’m not sure what like, but it’ll be fun! Host – Michele


Vogon Prose! When we are ready; when we get tired of watching vids; when we get resupplied from the con suite! Join us for a Vidcon special feature. Bring the bad stuff, bring oxygen, bring your pillows and jammies!





1501- How to Pimp a Show - Friends reluctant to watch? Fans not joining your band-wagon? Discuss ways to recruit for your new obsession! - Amber



1525 - Torchwood - The spoiler laden panel for the new mini-season of Torchwood. Did this year's five episodes ease your withdrawal or just leave you yearning for more? - Ane




1501 - What Were They Watching? - Are you the only one who understands the characters? Based on what they write, are other fans actually the same show you are? - Deb


1525 – Trueblood- Pop open a warm Type-O, put your feet up, and sink your teeth into conversation about Charlaine Harris' "Dead" books and the HBO series they 'sired'. Expect the inevitable Books vs. Series, Shifters vs. Vamps, and Bill vs. Eric discussions. - Nelz



1501 – But It Happened!- You saw it! Did you imagine it? No, it was right there on the screen! But some fans forgot and went on like it didn't happen. Share your story of the willful blindness you've seen in your fandom.- Rick


1525 – Psych- If you are a true believer in the paranormal, Sean and Gus might not be your kind of guys but if you are a fan keen on observation and logic, this unlikely pair of crime fighters should suit you well. - Ann



1501 – Rediscovering the Wheel We loved the fandom in years past, but maybe

drifted away. What brings us back, or keeps us coming back? - Amber


1525 – Doctor Who 11- It's not about his hair or his age, it's about getting the job done. Does Matt Smith have what it takes to fill a pair of very big shoes? - LC



1501 – Anime – Slash, Gay or Gen: You've heard the hype, you've seen the costumes, now come see what it's all about -- anime: love, lust, and drama in 2-D! - Amber


1525 – Supernatural Gen- Kripke seems to just continue to surprise and thrill us as viewers. Do you love the angels? How will Castiel be used in season 5? We'll talk about specifics in the previous seasons, how each ties to the last, and where we want it to go next. - Sarah



Downstairs – Future of Fandom - Where are we headed? Bring thoughts and musings on the shape of things to come. Let's talk about everything from the death of zines to the future where we can animate our own fannish scenes!- E

If anyone would like to volunteer to help load equipment, please join us in the con suite at 4pm. We love volunteers!


Those who would like to go to dinner as a group, please join us in the con suite at 5:30pm and we will arrange car pooling.


Everyone have a safe trip home. See you next year or see you at Necro!



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