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Fanfic Recommendations

Okay, I can either wait to have the time and energy to figure out another post with stories grouped by theme or fandom and keep putting off posting until my "To be rec'd" subdirectory of book marks mutates into a sentient life form and starts posting its own blog OR I can just give you guys some potluck posts for a while until I get caught up.

Option two it is then. Look for me to post mostly one or two at a time becusae I need to work my way through the folder and re-read enough to remember what to say.


Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (the one with Vincent and Catherine)
Title: A Place to Belong
Author: TxMedic
Rating: K+
Chapters: 1
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/681440/1/A_Place_to_Belong
Summary: Ever wonder where Mouse came from? Complete.

A really good origin story for Mouse one of the more interesting supporting characters. I don't totally buy some of the particulars but the characterization is dead on and it's really sweet.


Fandom: YuYu Hakusho
Title: The Best Defense
Author: JoIsBishMyoga
Rating: R (Not really, but that's what the author chose)
Chapters: 56 (Bring a lunch...and dinner and breakfast)
Link: http://foreverfandom.net/viewstory.php?sid=44
Summary: Voldemort's return has caught the attention of more than the Order of the Phoenix. The Spirit World's best are on the case, but can they handle Hogwarts (or Harry) without blowing their cover? Hiei/Kurama, Ron/Hermione, other pairings. Crossover between Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho.

This bends my rule against recommending uncompleted fics. Best Defense is done but it is only the first novel length installment of an ongoing story. The sequel, A Good Offense is up to 24 chapters at FF.Net and covers the second year at Hogwarts. I enjoyed both so much that I pretty much turned around and started over and re-read all 80 chapters again. It's got some flaws, especially in some early chapters, but the characterization and the twists in the plot make it well worth your time if you are a YYH fan. My main complaint is that the author sometimes sets things up in such a way that you'd expect the fic to earn its rating and many warnings but always pulls a heavy handed discrete fade. The slashiest it gets is hand holding and a few suggestive comments. Which would be fine if she didn't set me up to expect more.


Fandom: Good Omens
Title: An Amusing Tale of Angelic Adiction
Author: HJ Bender
Rating: T
Chapters: 1
Link: http://library.good-omens.com/viewstory.php?sid=122&chapter=1
Summary: In the days when angels walked the earth with clubs and demons dressed as conquistadors comes a tale of overseas adventures, rioting pirates, and the true story behind the history of chocolate.

Crowley/Aziraphale slash, mostly implied. Crowley introduces Az to chocolate and has to deal with the consequences. Nice historical touches, really good humor, and a really good try at maintaining the style of the novel.

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